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Finding my voice

A recent post by Creating Wings got me to thinking about authenticity and how I share myself with other’s, particularly online. I’m a homebody, rather reserved in the real world. I worry about how I’m perceived by others, wanting to … Continue reading

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Reaching out

I was just over at EvenStar Art & she did an open tag to all her readers. The directions were simple: go to your first folder of photos, scroll through to the 10th photo, post the photo & story behind … Continue reading

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“It hurts me more than it will hurt you”

I’ve heard that saying many times when parents punish their children or force them to do something the child doesn’t want to do. Today I learned that old sayings can sometimes be very true. We had to take Nora for … Continue reading

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Unexpected, for Best Shot Monday

Before she was concieved I knew I would love her but I had no idea just how intense that love would be. Now one simple, unexpected smile melts my heart. -caught with my iPhone Monday, unedited mobile upload for Best … Continue reading

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Embracing new technology

I’ve just discovered the thrill of mobile blogging!! How easy and fun! Maybe now I’ll post more often. To test things out here is a photo I took about a year & a half ago while we were living in … Continue reading

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Starting Fresh…yet again

Yet again I’m starting a new blog, hopefully the last. I’d like to find a permanent online home for expressing myself and saving my memories. I’ve had quite a few online incarnations; Reverie, PilgrimSoul, A Happy Wife, A Fine Romance, … Continue reading

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