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Is anything better?

I just spent the past two hours holding my baby as she napped. Is anything better than holding a soft, warm, sleeping baby? I don’t think so. I probably should have been using that time more productively but housekeeping & … Continue reading


Fallen on hard times

We took Nora to a little equine event in a small town not far from our house and on the way home we came across an abandoned country church. I took this photo with my iPhone & put a few … Continue reading


The blanket

Do you look back on certain times in your life & wish you could change it? Generally I am very happy with the choices I’ve made because they led to my husband & daughter but when I look at this … Continue reading


A sweet surprise

An artist that is friends with my mother drew this portrait of Nora as a surprise for her. It’s just beautiful & I had to share. -Mee

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True love: a baby & her bottle


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>Domestic Goddess

> Recently Lis at Dandelion Seeds & Dreams asked What is calling to you in your life? I’ve been giving alot of thought to this question. I would like to say I’m passionately drawn to creating art or taking photographs … Continue reading

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Sharing something pretty

These little blossoms are growing in the ditch across from my house. Just thought I’d share. -Meegan

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