>Feeling a bit inspired


It's ironic that the times I feel most creative are usually the times that it's nearly impossible to work on projects. Right now I'm supposed to be resting & doing nothing because my blood pressure has been too high at recent prenatal appointments. So of course my brain has been flooded with all sorts of project ideas to prepare for our move to a different apartment in two months. I've even had some ideas for art projects. Tonight after getting Nora to sleep I caved to my inspiration and instead of getting to sleep myself as I'm sure my doctor would like, I decided to work on making a collage of art images I've collected & clipped from magazines. I've got tons of gorgeous images clipped from magazines like Artful Blogger & thought it would be neat to collage them together and eventually hang the collage in the studio/office of our new apartment in July for creative inspiration. I managed to get a small layout done & mounted. It still needs a good border & embellishments but here is a photo of stage one:

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