Nora is obsessed with a kids cartoon called Caillou and wants to watch it constantly. To distract her, and keep myself sane, I bring her outside despite the fact that it's outrageously humid and already 85 degrees at 10 am. Have I mentioned that I loathe heat & humidity? :). Despite that, this is becoming one of my favorite parts of the day.  I love listening to the bird songs and watching Nora play. Mainly she likes to sit in our driveway and dig in the loose rocks our walk around the yard holding my hand. I enjoy taking photos of her. Until now we haven't spent much time playing in the yard. Our rental house is on a busy dangerous street and doesn't have a fence. I worried all the time that she'd get away from us and dash into the road. Now that she's a bit older she listens (a little) better and so I feel safer having her outside. 

Have I mentioned that in a few months we'll be moving? Just across town to a new apartment. We've realized we don't want to spend all our time maintaining a big house & yard. We'd rather play with our kids. So we are down sizing to a smaller apartment. No yard, just a little enclosed patio. It's got a huge pool, great walking trails and is across the street from a big YMCA and a library. I'll be able to take walks with the kids every day. We will no longer be out in the country which means shopping & restaurants are more convenient. I can hardly wait!!! I am dreading the actual moving process though. It won't be easy packing & moving all our stuff just a month after having a baby. I know it will be worth it though!

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