Beautiful Blog Posts

This page was created as a place to store links to Blog posts that have really touched me so that I can easily find them again to reread them. Maybe they will touch you too.

The Power of Being Seen by Lis of Dandelion Seeds & Dreams

“What has become apparent to me through this process of self portraiture is the power and the primacy of being seen… ”

” By taking that picture, I am insisting my viewpoint, my perspective matters. Each picture I take is my way of laying claim to my life: I am here, this matters, this counts, this is who I am and how I wish to be seen and understood….”

“Each snapshot is an act of healing and an affirmation of my love for myself and for my family. BrenĂ© Brown writes: “We can only love others as much as we love ourselves.” My camera has taught me how to love all of me and all of my life. Through the lens, I experience myself as complete and in that process I am healed.”


Fear or Faith: You choose! by Jen Swift of

“What challenges you? Is there something you’re afraid to pursue? Something you long for and wish to be, but are afraid that if you try and fail you’ll never try again?”

“Today I want you to look at the pieces you’re given. What are your skill areas, are you a good writer, a skilled logician, or do you have some other natural abilities? What are your dreams? What hope in your heart of hearts do you treasure and protect?…..Give it some thought and then- believe!”


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